When Did We Hit the Future?


The flying car is slowly becoming a reality.

It seemed like forever ago that flying cars were being used in movies and such as “new” technology. It was easy to dismiss those concepts as being too far fetched and unrealistic. There was no way in the 1990s that anyone would have thought that we would actually get to the point that we used these ‘futuristic’ gadgets like flying cars. Well, we are here. Welcome to the future!

The hover car is called the Terrafugia Transition and it is priced at over three hundred thousand dollars. The car is completely street legal, although it requires a little more of its drivers than simply passing the Department of Motor Vehicles test. You have to log a certain number of “flight time” hours and pass a test in order to be able to pilot this vehicle. It is an incredibly bulky car and does not look terribly easy to drive, but those who have had that opportunity says that it is much easier than it looks. If you want to take a look at it, just head over to the New York Auto Show this week. Along with the Terrafugia, there are plenty of other great looking automobiles to gawk at.

Iris scanners were things only to be seen in movies. There was no way that these would ever become household items, right?! Wrong, they are here and they are being produced at ever increasing levels. Like in Minority Report, they are being used. Some of the places that you will potentially see these helpful little guys is when you are entering your house, unlocking your car, and filling a prescription. The last one will be especially helpful because your iris is completely unique to you and when you scan it, your own medical records will be pulled up and it will be much easier to do things like fill prescriptions. Jeff Carter, the CDO of the company that is making these iris scanners, said, “Every person, place, and thing on this planet will be connected [to the iris system] within the next 10 years.”

3-D holograms are even becoming more and more common in the world. These are not just for droids and galactic leaders anymore, but are instead being used for major events and such. During the presidential election in 2008, CNN showed one of their correspondents on a story in the studio in 3-dimensional form. In Vegas, you can also dance along side some computer generated people. There is a club that actually projects dancers into the people so that it really feels like a party.

Continue looking to the future and look for more personalized advertisements, transparent computer screens, pre-crime technology, and real life video calling. Stay tuned!

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